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Çayırova Environment Policy



We established Environment Management System in accordance with ISO 14001 Standard and implement in decisive and conscious way. Core of our environment policy is to maintain our commercial and manufacturing activities in peace with the environment. For this purposethe following items are adopted as basic principles;

  • To prevent environmental pollution by keeping environment and human health protection in prominence,
  • Recovering solid wastes back in the manufacturing as much as possible and retrieving them to economy and eliminating wastes without damaging the environment by researching opportunities that will maintain recycling,
  • To take required preventive measures required for any accidents or emergencies,
  • To take measures in order to reduce energy consumption such as electricity, fuel and water and make contributions to sustainable development,
  • To establish cooperation with national and domestic public corporations, other industrial corporations and suppliers and working for improving our environment standards,
  • To comply with applicable regulations and administrative arrangements,
  • To provide continuous training in order to improve environment knowledge of staff,
  • To inform our customers regarding environmental effects of our products and solutions,
  • To implement Work Health and Safety rules,
  • To improve our environment management and protection performance continuously.

Everything we did until today and we will perform in the future are open for public opinion and maintaining environmental quality within Total Quality Management is the basic duty of all of us as staff of ÇAYIROVA BORU SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş.