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Work Health&Work Safety Policy

Our Corporation;

Considers development of health levels of staff as the requirement of work efficiency. Work Health and Safety Management System is applied and system is periodically revised performance is monitored always and continuous development is maintained.

For this purpose;

   ● Accepted complying all legal and national law, regulation and standards related with Work Health and Safety subjects and providing required sources for all work health and safety targets, training our staff in order to recognize their individual work health and safety responsibilities and continuously improving our system through contributions of all staff, related units, ISG management and ISG performance as basic principles.

● Vocational Diseases, heath disorders, injuries and all risks are assessed within Work Health and Safety issues and protective measures are taken.

● Aspects of new products, facilities and processes in vocational diseases, work health and safety effects are assessed in the design level. Through participation of all workers, dangers are eliminated in their sources and zero work accidents and vocational illnesses are aimed.

● Occurred accidents are reported in detail and create inputs to solution offers of Work Health and Safety and Environment team regarding non-recurrence for developing the safety system. Systems are developed that will minimize our losses in case of any possible accidents or emergencies that may occur during our activities.

● Work Health and Safety development and implementation works are documents towards increasing total quality management activities, given ISG targets are continuously implemented in a planned way and revised regularly.

● In order to reach success and continuous development, our staff and contractors are trained regarding work health and safety issues and encouraged to be healthy.

● Everything we did until today and we will perform in the future are open for public opinion and maintaining environmental quality within Total Quality Management is the basic duty of all of us as staff of ÇAYIROVA BORU SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş.