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Our Quality Policy



ÇAYIROVA BORU operates within frame of a management program designed according to ISO 9001 and API Spec.Q1. All employees are obliged to use, maintain and develop this system.

● Quality policy of ÇAYIROVA BORU, which is the basis for the quality objectives, primarily aims to ensure to be the customer satisfaction and continuity of satisfaction. For this purpose, the company aims to provide the products to its customers according to concerned standards, legal regulations, technical specifications and special customer requests at the right place, on the right time and under the most suitable conditions. Whether the product or service meets customer demands is continuously measured and communicated with all employees.

● According to optimum use of resources in ÇAYIROVA BORU, all of the operational processes and managerial functions are based upon productivity and competitiveness. ÇAYIROVA BORU aims to be innovative, competitive and leader in its sector depending on changing and developing market conditions and needs. For this object all of the needed resources, technology and infrastructure are continuously improving.

● ÇAYIROVA BORU offers required knowledge and skills to all of its employees and encourages them to assume authority and responsibility with regard to their tasks and to adopt the work they perform in order to increase participation. Resources required for individual development of the employees are provided regularly through internal and external trainings.

● In line with these activities, ÇAYIROVA BORU aims to carry the success provided by continuous customer satisfaction oriented and innovative production understanding to the future and commits to comply the requirements of the quality management system with continuous improvement of effectiveness.